6 Steps to Cut Down on Energy This Summer

Posted |
Summertime is just around the corner now, and while you may be looking forward to sitting by the pool, grilling out with friends or going on a beach vacation, the hot weather can also lead to …

3 Reasons to Consider a Smart Thermostat for Your Home

Posted |
Smart thermostats emerged more than a decade ago with first-generation models from ecobee and Google Nest and have since become one of the most well-known and popular smart home devices. And f…

3 Helpful Tips for Understanding Your Energy Bills

Posted |
If you’re interested in becoming a smarter, more empowered energy consumer, having a firm grasp on what your monthly energy bill is telling you is an ideal place to start. Your bill will…

4 Ways a Smarter Electric Grid Benefits You

Posted |
Over the last decade, energy companies have spent billions modernizing our electric grid. This has involved installing smart technologies, like smart meters and sensors, to optimize the delive…

3 Reasons to Consider a Heat Pump for Your Home

Posted |
More and more consumers are electrifying their lives as they look for ways to lower their carbon footprints, improve the energy efficiency of their homes and play their part in addressing clim…

3 Ways to Start Your Electrification Journey in 2024

Posted |
As more and more consumers look to lower their carbon footprints and improve the energy efficiency of their homes, home electrification – the process of moving cooking, water heating, sp…

What Exactly Are Time-of-Use Rates?

Posted |
As the energy industry continues to evolve, power companies are increasingly offering new rate plans that better align the cost you pay for the electricity you use at home with the cost to gen…

5 Low-Cost Energy Improvements for Your Home

Posted |
With its milder temperatures and lower humidity, autumn is a great time to make energy-efficient improvements and other energy-related changes around your home (as we noted in this recent blog…

5 Things You Can Do With a Smart Thermostat

Posted |
You may have noticed the sleek, high-tech design of a smart thermostat on the wall of a neighbor’s house or on display at a big box retailer. Or you may even have one of these smart home…

7 Smart Energy Tips for Fall

Posted |
After one of the hottest summers on record, temperatures are now beginning to cool off in many parts of the country as we approach Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. A brief respite bet…

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