Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means using less energy to accomplish a similar or better outcome, and it can generally be divided into two categories: 1) using technology to reduce energy usage (such as energy-efficient lighting) or 2) making behavioral adjustments at home (e.g., turning off the lights when you leave a room).

These fact sheets and videos will help you understand why energy efficiency is so important today and help you identify actions that you can take at home to become more energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency for A Better Future Video

This one-minute video will help you understand why energy efficiency is essential part of creating a cleaner electric grid.

Ways to Save on Energy Fact Sheets

These fact sheets include trusted tactics and new strategies for reducing your home energy use, whether you’re looking for the latest tech or a low-cost weekend project.

Weather, Your Home and Your Energy Bills Video

This short video explains why weather has such a big impact on your energy bills and some steps that you can take to address it.

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