Smart Grid

The smart grid is the evolution of our current electrical grid, using new technology to optimize the conservation and delivery of power. It empowers you by creating the foundation necessary for new energy technologies, emissions reductions, efficiency improvements and electric transportation. The smart grid also encourages more energy efficiency by providing real-time energy usage data to you.

Exploring Your Power Pricing Options

Thanks to smart grid technologies, power companies today are able to give you more options on how you pay for the electricity that your home uses, which could mean savings and other benefits for you. Discover your options in this Smart Grid 2.0 fact sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

A series of commonly asked smart grid questions about benefits, concerns, logistics and general information.


A set of important smart grid vocabulary listed alphabetically to make you more knowledgeable about your energy.

How the Smart Grid Benefits You

The smart grid has been transformational for how we get and use energy, providing the foundation necessary for adding more renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, preventing outages and more. This Smart Grid 2.0 fact sheet details all of the ways the smart grid is benefitting you.

How the Smart Grid Keeps Your Power On

This fact sheet explores the questions, why does the power go out, how does the smart grid keep the power on, and if the power goes out, how does the smart grid help you then?

Smart Grid and Power Quality

This fact sheet shows consumers that with a more reliable and efficient power supply, appliances and other electronic devices are allowed to operate at their highest efficiencies and minimizes their cost to run them.

The Next Innovation

A video showing how Smart Grid and Smart Meters are the next advancement in the history of electricity and human innovation.

What is the Smart Grid?

An infographic about how the smart grid promises to increase the efficiency of today’s system by around 9% by 2030, saving more than 400 billion kilowatt-hours each year.

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