Smart Energy 101

The last decade been one of the greatest periods of change in energy since the development of electric power during the Second Industrial Revolution. Advances in energy technology – such as smart thermostats, LED lighting, solar panels, electric cars and more – are giving you more options for meeting your personal energy goals than ever before. View our resources below to learn more about smart energy technologies and how they might benefit you and your community.

Connected Energy

A series of resources covering today’s more connected energy world – both inside your home and throughout your community. This section includes resources on the Internet of Things, smart cities and smart home technology.

Decoding Your Power Bill

Do you have questions about some of the terms or charts that appear on your monthly power bill? This sample bill includes easy-to-understand definitions of common terms to help you better undestand how you're being charged for your home energy use.

Energy Efficiency

These fact sheets and videos will help you understand why energy efficiency is so important today and help you identify actions that you can take at home to become more energy efficient.

Evolving World of Energy

A series of three fact sheets on innovations – both near-term and forward-looking – on how we get, how we use and how we pay for energy.

Smart Grid

The smart grid is the evolution of our current electrical grid, and this section features many elements on the smart grid like consumer benefits, power quality, reliability and more.

Smart Meters

A quick guide to smart meters, a foundational component of today's smarter electric grid. This section addresses important topics like data privacy, radio frequency and common myths.

The What, the How and the Why of Electric Rate Plans

Energy providers are creating new and different rate plans for you to pay for the electricity you use. These resources will help you better understand what plans could be available to you and how each option could help save you money.

Becoming A Smarter Energy Consumer

Do you ever wonder what you should ask your energy provider? These resources help you ask the right questions and help you to become a smarter energy consumer.

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