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If you are looking to learn how you can make your energy use more sustainable, our monthly blog covers how you can get involved in renewable energy, be more energy efficient around your home and take advantage of the latest technologies. These can result in power bill savings as well as other benefits! Our four main topics are energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicles and smart home technology.

5 Ways to Save Energy as a Renter

Posted | by SECC |
If you’re among the third of Americans who rent their homes, you might think that there’s not a lot you can do to reduce your home’s energy use or lower your carbon footprint…

4 Ways a Smarter Electric Grid Benefits You

Posted | by SECC |
Over the last decade, energy companies have spent billions modernizing our electric grid. This has involved installing smart technologies, like smart meters and sensors, to optimize the delive…

3 Ways to Start Your Electrification Journey in 2024

Posted | by SECC |
As more and more consumers look to lower their carbon footprints and improve the energy efficiency of their homes, home electrification – the process of moving cooking, water heating, sp…

What Exactly Are Time-of-Use Rates?

Posted | by SECC |
As the energy industry continues to evolve, power companies are increasingly offering new rate plans that better align the cost you pay for the electricity you use at home with the cost to gen…

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