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System in Transition Report

Posted | by DoE |
This report was developed as part of the Office of Electricity’s Voices of Experience program, an initiative to collect the experiences, insights, and lessons learned of utility represen…

Investor’s Guide to Electric Vehicle ETFs

Posted | by Bankrate |
The International Energy Agency predicts that 145 million electric vehicles could be on the road over the next decade compared to 10 million today. Our experts at Bankrate created a guide that…

A Guide to Residential Solar Energy

Posted | by ConsumerAffairs |
In recent years, improvements in solar technology have been tremendous, as have drops in solar power cost. Since 1977, the price of solar panels has dropped approximately 100 times over. Solar…

Top 25 Quick & Easy Energy Efficiency Tips

Posted | by Direct Energy |
Energy efficiency can save you money, but to do so effectively involves more than just using less energy - it requires you becoming aware of how energy is used, where it's wasted, and how it c…

How the Power Grid Works

Posted | by |
Turning on a small reading lamp by your bed is as easy as flipping a switch. But, the electricity that powers your tiny light starts miles and miles away and takes a fantastic journey through …

Are 1,000 Consumers Enough?

Posted | by SECC |
SECC consumer pulse research identifies 5 consumer segments and gives key insights into the behavior and preferences of each. How do we ensure the validity of consumer pulse research stru…

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