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101: Guide to the Smart Grid

Posted | by SECC |
Ever wonder what is the smart grid and what can it do? This guide walks you through the basics to the benefits.

How Wind Turbines Work

Posted | by SaveOnEnergy |
An animated guide to the science of wind turbines, impressive machines that now supply 4.5% of the electricity in the U.S. While that may seem small, it’s equivalent to about 15.5 millio…

Energy Incentive Programs Online Tool

Posted | by DoE |
Most states offer energy incentive programs to help offset energy costs. Federal Energy Management Program's Energy Incentive Program helps Federal agencies take advantage of these incentives …

State-by-State Energy Information Tool

Posted | by ACCES |
The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES) is a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers committed to consumer education and media outreach, in ord…

Note to the Smart Grid: Heal Thyself

Posted | by NC State University |
Alex Huang serves as director of the FREEDM Systems Center and professor of electrical engineering at North Carolina State University. See how NSF has supported his research. Narrated by …

Why Do We Need a Smart Grid?

Posted | by NC State University |
Renewable energy, electric vehicles, and distributed electricity generation and storage--all would be enhanced by the smart grid, and all are part of the future FREEDM system. Watch the video.

What Is the Smart Grid?

Posted | by NC State University |
If energy is like a faucet, at the moment, the grid doesn't allow any way to turn off the flow. But wouldn't it be nice to stop the flow when you weren't using it, to store the extra energy, o…

U.S. Utility Rate Database

Posted | by OpenEI |
A free storehouse of rate structure information from utilities in the United States. On the database, you can search for your utilities and rates to find out exactly how you are charged for yo…

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