Evolving World of Energy

Numerous innovations are emerging – some near-term and others more forward-looking – in the world of energy. This series of fact sheets details ongoing changes in how we get, how we use and how we pay for energy. Learn more about the innovations highlighted in each fact sheet to better understand what you can expect from the smarter, cleaner energy future.

How We Get Energy

From providing consumers with easier access to solar to the development of microgrids, this fact sheet covers the more flexible, sustainable ways that consumers will receive energy in the coming years.

How We Use Energy

This fact sheet covers new ways that consumers will manage and use energy in their daily lives, highlighting smart thermostats and smart appliances to innovations in smart cities technology and EV charging infrastructure.

How We Pay For Energy

Focusing on innovations from companies in the smart energy space, this fact sheet focuses on the new ways that consumers are monitoring and paying for the energy they use.

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