Electric Vehicles

With electric vehicle sales growing every year and auto manufacturers planning an array of new models, it seems clear that electric vehicles will be the ride of the future! But did you know that electric vehicles offer tons of benefits over gasoline-powered cars, including better efficiency, lower carbon emissions and fewer maintenance requirements? Check out our resources below to learn more about electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles 101 Video

Our latest video explores common misconceptions around electric vehicles and the many benefits that EV owners enjoy compared with owning a gasoline-powered car, including better efficiency, lower carbon emissions and fewer maintenance requirements.

How Much Do You Know Guide

This fact-based guide explores and dispels common misconceptions while illustrating benefits and new opportunities with electric vehicles.

The Benefits of Going Electric Video

This one-minute video explores the many benefits of switching to electricity – on the road and around the home.

The Ride of the Future Infographic

Check out our infographic, Electric Vehicles: The Ride of the Future, to learn more reasons why it’s full speed ahead for electric vehicles!


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