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Pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV, search online. Everywhere you look, today, people are talking about changes to our climate and ways we can help protect the environment. Smart energy technologies are at the forefront of those efforts. Smart energy will help protect the environment by allowing each of us to better control our energy use and enabling the integration of clean, renewable generation sources where and when it’s needed.

Learn more about how smart energy will help reduce our energy needs, and how these technologies can give you more control over your climate footprint.

Key Facts

  • Can cut air pollution from the electric utility sector as much as 30% by 2030
  • Ensures that renewable power sources like wind farms, solar plants, and hydro stations can be integrated
  • Yearly energy savings could equal 70 million road trips around the world or driving an electric car 1.7 trillion miles
  • A 5% increase in grid efficiency generates energy savings equivalent to eliminating emissions from approximately 20% of all the cars (53 million cars) in the US


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