3 Ways to Level Up Your Energy Savings

Whether you're a champion of energy-saving methods or new to the energy efficiency game, there are many options to save money and energy around the home. From no-cost actions to investing in the latest smart home technology, there is always another way you can cut back your home energy use.

Wherever you're at, here are three tiers of energy savings tips to level up your game:

Level 1: Start with these basic no-cost/low-cost tips

Fortunately, there are a variety of no-cost/low-cost options for saving energy at home. Keeping your appliances plugged in when not in use can actually use up energy – even if they appear to be “off”. These appliances are known as energy vampires and could account for as much as 10 percent of your monthly bill. Simple actions, such as unplugging appliances or plugging them into a basic power strip and switching it off, can put a dent in that energy bill.

Additionally, applying weather strips or other insulating measures along your doors and windows will keep your heating and air in and allow you to stay comfortable year-round while spending less on energy. These simple steps are just the beginning in your energy-saving options. If you’re looking to save more, you may be ready for Level 2.

Level 2: Small investments yielding significant savings

So you’ve unplugged that coffee machine and are still looking for ways to save? Small investments in energy-saving tools, like smart power strips and LED light bulbs, can lead to big savings over time.

Smart power strips monitor the energy consumption of each plugged-in appliance. When the power strip notices the appliance is not being used, the outlet simply cuts of the power to that plug. When you go to use your appliances, the smart outlet detects the uptick in energy and automatically returns power to that outlet. While a lot goes on behind the scenes, the only difference you’ll notice is the drop in your energy bill.

LED LightbulbsAdditionally, swapping out your regular lightbulbs for LED lights can drive your energy bill down. Though slightly more expensive as an initial purchase, LED lights are far more efficient than regular lightbulbs and will last you longer, ultimately increasing your savings with time. While these small purchases can lower your energy bill, long-term investments into a smart home can have the biggest return.

Level 3: Unlocking the power of the smart home

Welcome to top-tier of energy savings! Unlocking the power of the smart home with devices like smart thermostats and smart appliances can have the biggest payoff in terms of money and energy savings.

Smart thermostats will save you money by learning your schedule and adjusting the temperature when you are away to save you money with no additional hassle. You can also control the temperature of your home remotely through your phone – so you always have control over how much energy you’re using. Finally, smart thermostats give you data on your energy usage so you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to spending on energy. The price of smart thermostats may be discouraging, but fear not! These smart appliances are often sold at discounted rates by power companies. Check out this website for the rebates in your area.

Looking past thermostats, most appliances in your house can be updated with their smart technology counterpart. Smart dishwashers can send you live updates to your phone about the progression of the cycle, while smart microwaves can scan barcodes of packaged food and adjust themselves to the correct time and energy usage. Smart dishwashers can even monitor your energy usage as a whole and only run their cycles during periods of low energy consumption. The development of the smart home is reminiscent of a larger shift in appliances development – that they should work smarter, not harder to get the job done.

All of the energy-saving actions listed above are good for the planet, your wallet and your comfort. Being a top-tier energy saver does not mean you have to compromise on comfort – it simply is an investment for the future.

Want to learn more about other ways to save energy at home? Check out our past blogs on saving money with smart home technology, during hot summer months and around the holidays.

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