Light up the season with smart grid

The holiday season is upon us. From Halloween to New Years and everything in between, the holidays are a time for laughter and joy. They are a time to remember the little things that matter the most. Over the years, holiday lights have become a trademark of the season to be jolly. At its peak in 2011, the holiday lighting industry raked in around $6 billion dollars. That’s around 400 G6 luxury aircrafts!Holiday Lights pic

The seasonal lighting industry's revenue is billions above smart grid savings. However, the yearly savings the smart grid can yield may ensure that your holiday season is filled with giving. Beyond monetary savings, holiday lights can also teach society a thing or two about how the smart grid operates.

By transitioning to a smarter electrical grid, the current grid’s efficiency would improve by 9 percent. While that number may not seem large, the savings it provides can be.

  1. Smart grid technology such as advanced smart meters allow utilities to offer demand response programs. These programs help consumers cut back on their power usage during extreme weather conditions. Nippy Thanksgiving? No problem! White winter? Smart grid can handle that! With demand response programs, peak-demand periods on the grid can be reduced. That ensures that more money stays in your pocket, so you can make the purchases that mean the most to you this holiday season.
  2. With a 9 percent increase in efficiency, the smart grid can save around $600. Imagine all the holiday gifts that can be purchased with the savings! The new iPhone 6 Plus? Not a problem! A holiday feast? Completely doable! 

One bulb won’t stop the entire show

As the lights are hung through the porches and yards, there seems to always be that one light that doesn’t want to work. Only a few years ago, before LED upgrades to string lights, there was a time if one light on the strand went out then the entire strand went black. The image described before you is much like the country’s antiquated electrical grid. When one house loses power, it causes the other houses on that electrical line to suffer. However, with a smarter grid, much like the updated LED lights used today, utilities are able to pinpoint the problem area quickly thus reducing blackouts.

During this holiday season spend time with family, friends and the things that matter most to you. Happy holidays, from Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative!

By Taylor Fraser | November 24, 2014

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