Six Ways to Start Saving Energy This Fall

From the cooler temperatures to the changing leaves and reemergence of pumpkin spice everything, it’s clear that fall is on the way.

With the cozier weather temporarily here before the cold of winter blows in, now is the perfect time to get a bit more energy efficient around your home.

Here are six simple ways that you can start saving energy this fall:

1. Combat the draft

Keeping your home warm during the brisk fall weather doesn’t have to come at a high price. Sealing leaks around doors and windows is simple and can make a huge difference.

To cover drafty windows around your home, use a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet on a frame or tape a plastic film to the inside of your window and make sure it’s sealed tightly. Another proven way to keep heat in would be to apply weather-strips to drafty doors.

These simple DIY tasks can save a ton of energy and potentially up to 20 percent on your heating bill!

2. Utilize the power of the sun

Charging your digital device – like your iPad or smartphone – without plugging it in is becoming more and more common these days, with companies like Dell, Samsung and Mophie offering forms of this new technology.

Another simple way you can keep your home warm this fall is by adjusting your curtains to the power of the sun’s rays.

During the day, open the curtains on your south-facing windows to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home. When the sun goes down, pull them closed again to reduce the chill and keep the warmth inside.

Now, there are even smart blinds that can automate these processes for you!

3. Insulate your home

Fall FoliageThe start of autumn when the weather is beginning to cool is the perfect time to add or improve the insulation in your home.

The purpose of insulation is to keep heat either in or out of your home, and when the temperatures begin to drop, having a proper insulation system installed is very important.

For a minimal cost, you can upgrade the insulation in your exterior walls, crawlspaces, basements and attics. If you haven’t had an expert check your insulation in recent years, it could be time for an audit.

4. Adjust your thermostat

When you are home and awake, setting your thermostat at a low and cooling temperature is the most comfortable option.

When you are asleep or out of the home, however, changing your thermostat just a few degrees can save you around 10 percent each year on your heating and cooling bills.

To learn more about the options available, take a look at the Department of Energy’s thermostat guide. Or, with Black Friday deals coming up in November, it could be time to finally purchase that new smart thermostat, which can add additional efficiency and savings.

5. Change the direction of your fan

It may sound crazy, but did you know that simply changing the direction of your ceiling fan can reduce your home’s energy usage?

This fall, make sure to switch your fan to run clockwise. This is because the warmest air in your home is closest to the roof, so the fan will push this air into the ceiling and down your walls, adding warmth to the home.

6. Check your roof and inspect the attic

The brisk fall weather is also the perfect time to work on the outside of your home and make sure everything is running properly before winter strikes.

Checking the roof is pertinent to ensure that rain water is draining away from your home to avoid leaks and to keep your home comfortable.

It is also important to inspect your attic and to keep it dry. Roofs are hit hard throughout the year from forces such as rain and sun that can allow water to leak through if the shingles get cracked. Have an expert take care of these issues now, so that you’re not caught off-guard when harsher weather arrives.

Yes, summer’s nearly over now, but don’t let the prospect of cooler weather get you down – or catch you by surprise. By taking a few simple steps now, when the weather’s still mild, you can save quite a bit on your power bills in the months ahead.

Looking for additional steps you can take to be more energy efficient around your home? Check out our recent blog post on ways you can transform your home into an energy-saving smart home!

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