What Type of Energy Saver Are You?

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Saving energy can benefit everyone - but not everyone saves energy in the same way. There is a whole spectrum of ways to lower your energy bills, depending on your lifestyle and specific needs.

Do you like to keep it simple and make small changes around your home that cut down on the power bill? Or do you like investing in the latest technology and understanding how connecting your house to the electric grid will save you money and energy? Or maybe you're a green warrior and willing to turn down that A/C in the name of saving the planet.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum – there are plenty of ways to cut back your energy use. Read below to find our energy-saving persona and some ways that you can start saving energy this summer:

Keeping it Simple: "I want to save energy, but need quick, easy ideas that I can do myself."

Summer FanIf you want to keep it simple and are looking for quick fixes to add up the savings, many at-home projects will take you 15 minutes or less. Adjusting your fan settings can keep your house cool without raising the bill. Make sure your fan is spinning in a counter-clockwise rotation during the summer months (You can change the fan’s direction via a switch on the fan). This will push the cool air down as your hot air rises, keeping your house cool without having to splurge on A/C.

Additionally, small upgrades, such as installing LED lights or smart power strips, take very little time and money. LED lights are far more efficient than regular lightbulbs and won’t emit heat, also you’re giving your A/C unit a break. Smart power strips reduce the amount of power wasted from your electronic devices that are not in use. Both of these items can be ordered online and shipped to your door. From there, they take approximately five minutes to set up, and the savings can start rolling in without you skipping a beat.

Tech Champ: "I want to use my smartphone and other tech to make saving energy convenient."

Some energy savers prefer to use the technology around their home to unlock all potential savings. These tech trendsetters understand the importance of a connected home and are comfortable doing everything through their phone. If this describes you, these energy tips could be your next at home project.

Getting a smart thermostat is a great way to track your heating and air and better understand where your energy usage is coming from. Additionally, these smart devices will learn your schedule and automatically raise the temperature when you’re out of the house. Because you are not cooling an empty house, you will cut costs on your A/C bill.

Pairing these devices up to Alexa or Google Play can make them even easier to use. As you leave your house, simply say “I’m leaving” and the voice-activated system will switch your house to low power mode, saving you money while you are out. When you return home, simply say “I’m home”, and your thermostat will set your temperature back to cool. The best news is that you can get rebates for many smart appliances through your energy provider. Not only will you be saving when it comes to energy, but also for the appliance itself. Score!

Green Warrior: "I want to maximize my home energy savings to benefit the environment."

Finally, if you are committed to saving the planet by always looking for new ways to reduce your carbon footprint, here are some ideas to keep your energy bill down in the name of Mother Earth.

During the summer months, allow your home to be a bit warmer than usual and embrace the summer weather – the Department of Energy recommends 78 degrees as the most efficient setting in the hot summer months. Additionally, since most sunlight that hits a window enters a home as heat, buying heavy curtains can keep out sun rays and keep your house cooler.

Installing solar panels on your house is another big investment with big pay-off. Many online tools are available for customers interested in investing in solar panels. These services, like Google’s Sunroof Project, walk you through the finances of installing solar panels and how long it would take to start seeing the savings from your investment. Of course, past the benefit of saving money on energy down the line, it is a great project for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy.

As you can see, there is no right way to save on energy. You could make tiny tweaks to your house that take no more than five minutes to install, you could spend a bit more time automatizing your energy savings for your tech savvy home, or you could make a major investment, like rooftop solar.

No matter your motivation, everyone can take small or big steps to use less energy. The important part is finding what methods work for you. The sooner you take the first step to energy savings, the quicker you arrive at your green destination.

Want to learn more about other ways to save energy at home? Check out our new resources on no-cost/low-cost ways to save, how renters can save on energy and tips on the latest technology for reducing home energy use.

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